Why many organizations choose Successfactors?
Will it really support for HR transformation!

We Wish You Happy New Year and welcome to 2017
Every Organization wants a great result and look for a great people contribution to achieve their goals and spread successful business
throughout the world. In reality getting all like minds in one place possibilities could be limited but policies and internal development
programs can keep everyone one the same targets, Here to every organization need an employee empowered and talent
improvement HR system need is more and more required.

To fruitful organization goals and collaborate employees contribution here is platform “Cloud-based HCM end to end Suite SAP
SuccessFactors" to drive better and effectively HR system.

SuccessFactors provides Cloud based Human Capital Management software solutions
using the Software as a Service (SaaS) Model. It helps to allow organizations to manage
their employees effectively. It helps to deliver integrated modules like

  • 1. Employee Central.
  • 2. Recruiting Management & Marketing
  • 3. Onboarding/Offboarding and Cross Boarding.
  • 4. Learning Management.
  • 5. Performance & Goal Management.
  • 6. Succession Management.
  • 7. Workforce Planning.
  • 8. Workforce Analytics.
  • 9. SAP JAM.
  • 10. EC-Payroll.

Future of the Cloud-based HCM is better than ever. It helps all sizes of companies to run better. It empowers employees and leadership
teams to work together more efficiently and to use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. It is the one
of the main user friendly tool amongst different HR tools available in market at present. It enables us to monitor and manage the
performance of their employees.

Where there is a market, Competitors present around. SF too has competitors but SF has many features and simplifies the solutions as
what organizations want. It helps more than 6000+ customers, 40million+ cloud applications subscribers, across more than 60 industries
in over 177 countries. Leading global companies across the global and industries are turning to SAP SuccessFactors solutions for more
effective talent management, performance management, empowers peoples and to access powerful workforce analytics.
These statistics shows how SF influences organizations.

Bizx Technologies will be the right partner to support legacy to Cloud technology transform and helps you to drive your organization
towards successful implementations. We have trained and certified workforce with strong skillset on cloud environment, team with
more than 20 customers handling experience. One thing we can commit you, is that we never ask our clients to judge us because
we like to listen from our clients, we have learned a great deal from listening carefully and building a relationship with our customers.

Let,s hope in 2017 more potential customers may transform legacy applications to SuccessFactors cloud!!!


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